Kidney Related Questions
  1. How did you find out you had kidney failure?
    I explain how I found out I had kidney failure and also tell you how my mum came to find out she had kidney failure too.
  2. How did you feel when you were told you need dialysis?
    I explain how I felt being told I need to go on dialysis before my kidney transplant and again eight years later.
  3. How long did your kidney transplant last?
    I explain how long my kidney transplant last me.
  4. What do you do while on dialysis?
    I tell you what I do while I'm on dialysis.
  5. What age did you start dialysis?
    I tell you what age I started dialysis?
  6. What form of dialysis do you do?
    I tell you what form of dialysis I am currently on.
  7. Do you consider kidney failure a disability?
    My take on if I think kidney failure is a disability..
  8. Who still works while on dialysis?
    I tel you what I do for a living.
  9. How long have you been on dialysis?
    I explain how long I have been on dialysis.
  10. How Many Medications Do You Take Due To Kidney Failure
    We all need medications once our kidneys fail
  11. How Many Operations Have You Had Relating To Kidney Failure
    Many Operations are needed due to kidney failure and dialysis